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8LUG Truck Gear

This site is built on an ecommerce platform on a stock theme that is heavily modified. I also integrated the Twitter Bootstrap CSS library to this for added functionality. All graphic work on this site is done by me. Note: I did NOT create logos and actual product photos.

JK Gear

Sister site of 8LUG. I also did all of the graphic work and custom CSS here.

Digital Marketing is What I Do


Some sites I've worked on or created from scratch

Mostly WordPress sites with already made themes that I customized. Some of these do not have theme mods but most of them do - and Im talking about actual mods. Where I actually edited code inside of template files.


  • 8LUG Truck Gear


  • JK Gear

  • Roto-Rooter NM

  • Grant Mechanical

  • Blue Current

  • Odom Reuse

  • Blue Vase Books

    Blue Vase Books
  • The Ambitious Fox

    ambitiousfx screenshot
  • Halleck Bros

  • Inhabitect

  • Twice Trendy Tots

  • Senior Assist Home Care

Advertisements & Digital Ad graphics

The first 4 Ad items are full page print ads that can be found in Diesel World Magazine throughout 2017. I created these 4 in Adobe Photoshop. Keep in mind that these are NOT the full sized files and may not seem as clean and crisp as they actually are. The full sized files are pretty big.

This next part contains digital ad pieces like banners, call outs and other creatives that can be found out on the internet...

Graphics and Manipulated Photos

This part here has graphics that were used for various projects both for fun and for business. You'll notice the Trumpasaurus-Rex, I am neither for or against, just thought it would be fun to put someones head on a dino.

  • michigan_NMD
  • featured
  • JKgear BOX layered
  • ShirtZoo

Android Apps

Fully functional mobile games that I created some years ago and used to be on the Play Market until March 2017 when Google updated some policies. I have not gone back and updated the manifest.xml files to satisfy the new requirements so you won't be able to find these on the store anymore =/ These were created for fun and for a challenge. Maybe I will update them someday.

  • GooberIcon10241-1024x1024
  • icon1-1024x1024
  • stroop
  • puppyjump_ico.fw

Other things that I do...

  • Email Marketing - Click Here to see all of the Email campaigns I have created for 8LUG truck Gear
  • Run and Manage multiple Google AdWords accounts for small businesses
  • Run and maintain a Google Merchant Center Account
  • Maintain one company's Amazon Seller account
  • Maintain one company's eBay account
  • Research space travel and technologies regularly like its a job. Im going to Mars in 2026! (See Below)

Software and Technologies I use Regularly






Microsoft Office





Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Fireworks

I always code Responsively =)


Contact Me

matthalleck AT gmail .com

517 Five-Zero_Five 0905